Here all lively photos that you uploaded via the QR code will be displayed
This screen is responsible for scanning the QR code and reviving the photo.
Here is the application form and instructions for the application.
Main screen
This button is only needed to record lively photos on video, to share on social networks. QR scanning and animation are just a hover.
The application has 3 tabs

  • ARphoto поддерживает все устройства на ios.
  • The application uploads through the QR code images / video images to the gallery tab.
  • Files in the application weigh 10 times less than the originals, this does not affect the quality, because you play AR from the phone.
  • If you delete the application or files from the gallery tab, you will need to scan the QR code again.

QR code
  • To revive the photos you need to scan the QR code (which you received from us or our partners). Just point the camera of the main screen of the application to the QR code / wait until the download is completed / the inscription "Photo Activated" will appear.
  • One QR code can have as many photos as you like.
  • The QR code needs to be scanned once. Photos that you downloaded from it to the application will come to life even without the Internet.
  • You can add photos or edit existing ones to the already created QR code. (Only we and our partners can add and edit) .
  • If changes are made to the QR code that has already been scanned, then in order to make changes to the application as well: turn off the application and turn it on again, the main screen will start blinking, this will check for updates (photo will be downloaded).

Lively photo
  • Now point the camera on the main screen of the application to the photo.
  • A distance of at least 15 cm.
  • A white dot on the screen (sight) shows that you need to point it to the photo area, then it will disappear, and the photo will come to life.
  • The video in the photo will run again and again while you hold the camera over it.